Dear Editor: Most of us know someone who’s ended their life with a firearm. What is not so clear is the number of people who intentionally swerve in front of a semi-tractor to terminate their life. Then we have the police-assisted suicides, many times confronting officers with unloaded guns, or a non-lethal weapon, like a BB gun.

In all of the above cases, the person didn’t want to live, and this was the only way they could see to end their life. In all the above instances someone had to attend to the deceased, not a nice job. In some of the tragedies, people have to live with the action they took, such as police officers.

It’s time for Wisconsin to pass a medical-aid-in-dying bill into law. Over a half dozen states and the country of Canada already have such a law. Your legislators have to know how you feel about this issue. Contact them, if you care.

John J. Mutter, Jr.


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