Dear Editor: So our outgoing governor is calling high school boys in Baraboo "idiots." Without looking at any facts of the case, the governor determined what the overriding concern is. High school boys posing for a prom picture save a high wave as instructed by the photographer. This automatically became "the" Nazi salute.

It took about five months, but the picture went "viral" and, as everyone knows, when something goes viral it carries a meaning far beyond any actual reality. It also puts Wisconsin on the map, and in this age of hype and sensation, notoriety of any kind is the essence of life.

Another benefit of the "scandal" is that it give the opportunity for some among us to call others "racists," "fascists" and "Nazis." High school juniors in little Baraboo organized to put on suits and pose as Nazis. The absurdity of such a notion is lost on few among us. TV news especially  plays the sensational aspect of the picture, needing excitement to keep viewers glued to the screen.

Then comes Scott Walker, eight-year governor of Wisconsin. Consistent with his entire tenure as governor, Walker reflexively chose the wrong response to the story. He fell for the viral. If we look back on his eight-year tenure, every last thing he did was wrong. He was bad for the state, and he can't leave soon enough. 

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John Hamilton


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