Dear Editor: As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with an all-powerful “moron” creating havoc everywhere he can, now it looks like he may be settling in with some high IQ policy lobbyists, who would do anything to resume realizing their hawkish agenda.

It’s pretty well established that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was spearheaded by the American/Israeli "Project for a New American Century" militarist think tank and the core of an executive Cabinet with deep connections to it. And it’s fair to assume that they’re always on the lookout for another compliant leader of the “Free World” and another excuse. All Trump needs is direction and it looks like he’s moving in theirs, as his ill-conceived policy agenda fails and leaves him looking for a way forward.

And Trump and PNAC are in perfect harmony with: building and flexing military muscle, toppling regimes who resist us (what’s left of the “Axis of Evil”), homogenizing ours and Israel’s security interests (as they see them) and along with that, undercutting international law and wrecking the U.N. to clear legal and moral obstructions to continuing on the path of American/Israeli pre-eminence.

We can only hope that they, who care so little about “others” — the victims of our adventures in empire building — will realize that side effects, like ISIS and its erasure of civilization’s genesis and our destruction of institutions charged with preserving the story and dignity of humankind, are too high a price to pay for delusional “security” through impunity.

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John Costello


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