Dear Editor: I like to think our system of government can work, and Lord knows that’s gotten to be a hard hope to hold onto. I vote Democrat because I find some resonance with my views in the platform, sure, but running sometimes ahead and sometimes behind that, is my conviction that it’s the party that really acts to make the system work and survive. Of course working for everyone is no easy task, for the two major parties, that is.

But for one third party at least, the Green Party, it’s a breeze. Of course they haven’t actually done it on a state or federal level but at least they know how, and how!

And it appears the first order of business is to be a good critic which appears to be defined as rendering appraisals of real life politicians, without getting into distractions like context and necessary compromise in legislating. The second is to heap the weight of everything untoward the party has done in its entire history on the back of every candidate. Not mid-term legislators, mind you, no, they have to be running. That’s when you can hit them with not being "progressive" enough and it’ll have an effect.

Thirdly and most importantly, you have to paint Democrats to look just like Republicans. Totally ignoring the fact that our capitalist system quite naturally favors those facilitating the concentration of wealth in the hands of the few i.e., the Republicans, we point out all the days and ways the Democratic candidate has voted to make the capitalist system work. That they vote primarily to make it work for the most people doesn’t matter, that’s context and compromise, not necessities for Greens, and just not nearly "progressive" enough.

Yep, best thing is to teach ‘em a lesson and boycott ‘em.

John Costello


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