Dear Editor: The late George H.W. Bush said, when Hussein invaded Kuwait, “This will not stand."

Walker has invaded Tony Evers' Wisconsin, OK? Walker was rejected! Vanity will not let him accept "lame duck."

I spent far too much time waiting for Walker to "take a hike." The action taken by sore losers of the Wisconsin Republican Party will not and must not stand. There are many good progressive-minded believers in "The Wisconsin Idea" of social and economic justice who can come up with plans and action to make the remaining Republican overlords regret their overreach to maintain power they presume is their right and privilege.

The remaining Republicans are saying: "You won, Evers, but we are in charge and don’t you forget it!"

I mean overlords, for that is what they think they are, part of an oligarchy, aided by massive money support from ALEC and Koch brother$.

This fight for Tony Evers' governance is only beginning.

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John Coover


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