Dear Editor: “Does health care seem like the only Democratic presidential issue?”, successfully lays out the elitist perspective of corporate Democrats who have never been without health care. Your frame of reference is that of a white, west-side male baby boomer with a gardener, pool and luxury car.

Have you ever had to choose between your wife’s CAT scan and making payroll or your daughter’s urgent care visit and food? Millions of Americans need to make that choice every day. Before discounting the crisis, you need to read the New Yorker story, “The Hidden Costs of GoFundMe Health Care.”

Here are some additional data points:

• Medical debt is the number one cause of foreclosures - “This is the real reason most Americans file for bankruptcy” 

• More people died from the health cartel’s opioid crisis, 70, 237 in 2017, than in the Vietnam war, which was due to the over prescription of opioids. 

• General Motors tried using health care as a modern bully club to force striking UAW workers into submission. “G.M. Restores Workers’ Health Coverage as Strike Continues

Everyone who has had intermittent health care has similar stories to tell. The post baby boomer generations didn’t have the benefit of public hospitals, nor other safety net programs that were stripped away on the baby boomers' watch.

To you and your cohort, health care may be just an academic exercise. Your title suggests that you don't live with that concern daily. To the rest of us, it’s life or death. So yes, it should be the number one topic for Democratic presidential debates.

“If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.”

Joe Plasterer


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