Dear Editor: I agree completely with Rabbi Bonnie Margulis' letter concerning the lack of diversity in a recent article that purported to be about "faith" and politics, but which only considered Christians. Surely the Capital Times is above such a narrow interpretation?

As someone who majored in comparative religion, I understand that faith can be present in many belief systems, and may, or may not, influence those believers on political issues. For example, two people of the same belief system may find themselves on completely different sides of a political issue, as interpretation by that system of this topic and one's proclivity to having that system influence politics can vary enormously. I believe the same can be said for those of us with "non-beliefs" — that is, the amount of influence, if any, on politics is highly individual. Had the Capital Times considered other faiths and non-faiths, this might have been apparent. I sincerely hope that the Capital Times will consider publishing a more inclusive analysis of this topic well before Election Day 2018.

Joan Downs


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