Dear Editor: Dane4Dogs is not being truthful with the public when they claim they are simply opposed to the “use of dogs and cats for painful or distressing experimentation,” which is a rare thing.

The animal rights group’s social media posts reveal their beliefs are much more extreme. They reject all health studies in animals, despite the fact that they are necessary for medical advancements and required for the approval of new treatments. Also, let’s not forget, animal research benefits both humans and animals, improving care in human and veterinary clinics alike.

The proposed Spring Green facility would be managed by individuals with extensive veterinary expertise who advocate for the highest levels of animal care. Isn’t that the best possible scenario? Would groups like Dane4Dogs prefer that other less-caring people raise and care for research animals?

We urge local residents to avoid being swayed by propaganda and untruths being spread by those with an anti-research agenda and instead voice their support for continued medical progress.

Jim Newman

Americans for Medical Progress

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