Dear Editor: Watching the State of the Union address, the debacle in Iowa, the escalating tension in Iran and the impeachment made several things crystal clear.

1) Trump is untouchable.

2) The DNC is corrupt.

3) The Iran situation will not improve.

4) There is a huge collection of children in Washington.

At some point, there has to be an adult in the room to take charge and set an example regarding how one should conduct themselves on both a personal and professional level.

That person is Tulsi Gabbard.

In 2016, she stepped down from a leadership position at the DNC because of corruption within. She had the foresight to predict what would happen in Iran before it happened. Tulsi introduced a censure resolution against Trump in December as an alternative to impeachment. It was ignored. Now when it’s too late, Democrats in the Senate want a censure resolution. Huh? They had their chance and blew it.

Tulsi is all about what is best for all people. Does not matter which party you are affiliated with. We need a strong leader who is willing to stand up for what is right. She accepts no PAC money and is beholden to no one but the people.

Folks, we have an opportunity here to elect a strong leader. One who will lead with intelligence, morality, and compassion.

Do the right thing. Vote for Tulsi. I am.

Jeff Salzman


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