Dear Editor: Post offices closed, no mail Wednesday in honor of the latest saint newly minted by the GOP: a man who, although now justly revered as nice, kind, gentle and humble, also:

• Pardoned those few in the Reagan/Bush administration who'd been convicted for their part in violating the law, and deceiving Congress, by selling arms to the terrorist regime in Iran, and funneling that money to the Contras in Nicaragua.

• Presided over the CIA during the heart of Operation Condor, which coordinated hit squads against the opponents of right-wing dictatorships in Chile and elsewhere in Latin America.

• Needlessly (and misleadingly) invaded Panama, causing considerable civilian casualties — motivated by little more than the fact that our former friend Manuel Noriega thumbed his nose at Bush and the U.S.

• Gave a preliminary "wink" to Saddam Hussein's incursion into Kuwait  — after which we went into Kuwait, at great cost, to kick him out.

(Bush professed to know nothing about the Iran/Contra details, as did Mr. Reagan. Were they both lying, or were they both inept?)

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It's bad enough when huge swaths of history are rewritten or discarded; it's galling to see it firsthand, happening during one's lifetime.

Jeff Glick


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