Dear Editor: On Nov. 6, Dane County formally joined The Climate Reality Project’s initiative, the County Climate Coalition, which supports the standards set forth in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. The County Climate Coalition is a project and partnership spearheaded by Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese and The Climate Reality Project, an organization founded by former Vice President Al Gore. The County Climate Coalition is an agreement between county governments to uphold the goals of greenhouse gas emission reductions and sustainability at the county level. Dane County Supervisor Yogesh Chawla had this to say: "We are already seeing the effects of the climate crisis in Dane County with increased flood threats. Local governments are going to have to lead on this issue since the federal government is refusing to take action.”

The effort to bring Dane County in was led by The Climate Reality Project: Madison Chapter. Jared Schumacker, Madison chapter chair, said, “I am very excited that Dane County is going to be the first county in Wisconsin to join the County Climate Coalition but I know it will not be the last. The work that the Dane County board has done has been a beacon to the rest of the state that Dane County sees the benefits and the necessity of renewable energy and sustainable practices and I know they will continue on the great work that they have been doing.”

Dane County becomes the 29th county to join the County Climate Coalition and all of these counties have committed to continuing to combat climate change through renewable solar energy development, alternative community energy providers, enhanced waste diversion, environmentally friendly vehicles and reduction of water usage. The efforts of the County Climate Coalition aim to slow the dangerous pace of the climate crisis.

Jared Schumacker


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