Dear Editor: I’m beginning to think that the Republicans in our Legislature don’t believe in democracy.

Our Declaration of Independence affirms that “all men are created equal.” Our government was ordained “to promote the general Welfare.” Making decisions by voting was a basic tenet of our Founding Fathers. I was taught in grade school that, if the vote goes against what you voted for, you recognize that you are in a minority and accept gracefully the will of the majority. And you are free to continue to fight for your position.

Yet our Legislature is ignoring the will of 70 percent of the electorate who are in favor of expanded Medicaid. They ride roughshod over the budget of the duly elected governor, who was elected more recently than most of them, elected in spite of gerrymandered districts.

Our government, federal and state, is bending evermore to the will of the wealthy. Every person has the right to their own ideas and can think that they have the correct solution to a problem. But forcing that solution on everyone is poisonous to democracy. Wealth funds candidates, buys advertising and air time, and tips the balance of fair debate. Why should someone who has gained great wealth be deemed wiser than others? Why should economic might make right? Is money what our people and our country value most of all?

I am very worried about the future of our democracy.

Janice Knapp-Cordes

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