Janice Knapp-Cordes: Most climate-denying scientists funded by oil companies

Janice Knapp-Cordes: Most climate-denying scientists funded by oil companies

Dear Editor: As a “fact-crazed environmentalist” who believes in science and the scientific method, I am totally confounded by the nonsense emanating from the administration of the DNR. They recently changed the DNR website to convey their opinion that climate change and its causes are “being debated.”

Seriously? Ninety-seven percent of actively publishing climate scientists are no longer debating; they agree that climate change is caused by human activity. Check out climate.nasa.gov! Furthermore, many of the 3 percent of scientists who disagree are being funded by oil companies.

More and more I appreciate Neil deGrasse Tyson’s quote: “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”

If nine out of 10 doctors told you that you had cancer and one doctor told you that you were fine, would you risk the only life you have and forgo treatment? Are we willing to acquiesce to nonsense and risk the only planet we have?

Janice Knapp-Cordes


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