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Jackson Foote: Cap Times should question F-35 decision-makers

Jackson Foote: Cap Times should question F-35 decision-makers

Dear Editor: I am ashamed that I turn my head to see the F-16s every time I hear the National Guard pilots train for their new roles on the front lines of attack in overseas wars, like Operation Desert Storm (ODS), Operation Noble Eagle (ONE), and Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL).

Living in a working-class area of the north side, I remember that these sentinels fly over to remind us who really has the power in our society, which has already spent $400 billion on the next-generation war machine, the F-35. I find myself wondering who benefits from military aggression that supports U.S. strategic interests and our consumptive way of life.

I wish the Cap Times had questioned the decision-makers who want to bring the F-35 to Madison and further explored what the noise means to those most affected. The fact that even Tammy Baldwin couldn’t stand up to military-corporate interests says it all.

Jackson Foote


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