Dear Editor: As a tribal animal, we feel drawn to the most prominent personae as we were to our nurturing mothers. The POTUS' supporters feel that simply associating with him elevates their status. All he has to do is stay at the center of media attention, for free with our help, and watch the opposition fragment.

It's discouraging to see people who oppose the POTUS chronically posting about him on Facebook. That only helps him because there's no such thing as negative publicity. If we want to replace him we all need to elevate the status of people we support.

Wisconsin is expected to be a battleground state in 2020. We can expect the Republican Party to foment controversy in Madison because that motivates their turnout statewide, as it did in last February's state Supreme Court race.

How do we steer Madison from playing into their hands again?

How do we motivate people to flood the airwaves with posts about Democrats and stop posting about the POTUS?

Hugh Schmidt


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