Dear Editor: A couple of weeks ago I was startled to hear the new name, "PBS Wisconsin." I first heard it one morning as I was making coffee. I turned to the TV on the kitchen counter and said out loud, "What the hell?"

Some times you have to tell your best friends they are wrong. Please bring back Wisconsin Public Television to the Wisconsin public who funded and celebrated their public television service since its beginning. At a minimum, put Wisconsin as the lead in the name.

I served as Vice Chancellor and Provost of UW Extension from 1990 to 1995. I cannot imagine the UW-Extension and UW-System leaders I knew putting Wisconsin second in the name. I hear that Iowa has kept its status and name by rebranding to Iowa PBS.

The folks at PBS have been great partners with the University of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board. Thank you, PBS. We hope you will be our partners in the future. However, we in the great state of Wisconsin are proud of Wisconsin Public Television and are not willing to give you first place on the marquee. We want our “place to grow through learning” to reflect in its name the lives we live here in Wisconsin and the great capacities our public broadcasting employees and the University of Wisconsin. brought to us. Let's at least make it Wisconsin PBS.

Gerald Campbell

Professor emeritus, UW-Madison/Extension, and UW-Extension Provost and Vice Chancellor, 1990-95


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