Dear Editor: Recent news of human impacts (extraction, pollution, species extinction, climate change) are frightening. I’ve been frustrated by the collective inaction and angered by the willful ignorance that persists despite the obvious.

We are in for a reckoning. Only a fool believes the false premise that our economy can grow without bounds. The carrying capacity of the planet has limits!

Our capitalistic economy depends on growth in the numbers of consumers and their increasing appetite. But our planet is struggling to support the 7 billion humans who inhabit it. The billions of individuals who will soon be extinct (1 million species) are being displaced by the billions of new humans. We can’t grow to 10 billion (forecast by 2050). There isn’t food or room for 3 billion more.

Yes, do everything we can to convert to renewable energy and reduce, reuse, recycle, of course. A carbon tax with dividend, a Green New Deal, please! But the most important thing is to become fewer. This will happen, it seems likely to be a catastrophic disaster of unprecedented calamity. Or maybe we can alter our course and stop making babies?

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George Perkins


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