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Elaine Unger: Stop building cell towers in Wisconsin

Elaine Unger: Stop building cell towers in Wisconsin

Dear Editor: I hope that Richland/Vernon County residents know that cell tower permits have recently been issued in Bloom, Akan, Westford, Orion, Henrietta, Marshall and Dayton. Kiss the beauty of the region goodbye!

Residents and local officials should educate themselves about the negative impact that cell towers, 4G/5G “small” cells and wireless devices have on health, property values and the environment, especially trees, birds and pollinators.

Radiation from cell towers/wireless technology has serious biological effects proven in thousands of independent, peer-reviewed and published studies. The recent Ramazzini study on cell towers shows those who live closest to them have higher rates of health effects including cancer. Children, the elderly, pregnant women, the immune-compromised and those with implanted medical devices are at greatest risk.

If you ask Big Telecom if a cell tower is safe, they will not tell you it’s safe. They will tell you it’s FCC compliant. That’s the problem! FCC compliance does not equate with safety. It’s not just the power of the signal that concerns scientists. The constant spiked, erratic, digital pulses of radiation that carry the data are very dangerous.

What can residents do? First, do not get lured by money from a cell tower lease! Ask local officials to be forthcoming about future cell towers. Under Wisconsin’s open records laws, request copies of cell tower records. Attend public meetings to voice concerns. Telecom companies have been known to take their business elsewhere if there is too much opposition. Learn more at

Elaine Unger


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