Dear Editor: I have been intending to write, and Lindsay Christians' article about restaurant accessibility gave me the push I needed. Last year I was diagnosed with an illness that bothers my back when upright too long and also has compromised pulmonary function. I do fine in short spurts of activity and frequently use a cane. As a health care professional, I have long been aware of the needs of those with physical limitations, but have become more aware of those with decreased lung function. Two areas have concerned me. Theaters and Macy's. I am not sure why theaters don't like seating along their long corridors, but as I have talked more of my problem, I have learned what a problem it is for many. Point Theater on the west side used to have small padded benches at intervals, which allowed someone to stop and rest if necessary. I don't know why they were removed, but it prevents me going to movies as often as I used to. I need to check which screen the movie is on and how close it is to the lobby. Hilldale AMC is out of the question. They closed the entrance near the parking lot and redid the lobby at far end. Why not sell tickets in the middle?

Macy's got rid of their shopping carts. They were there as leftovers from Marshall Fields and finally Macy's got rid of them. I tried to tell a manager that shopping with a cane and trying to carry packages at the same time did not always work. Plus those carts help with the ability to take a breather periodically. Anyway I was told Macy's don't use carts. Pardon me for living.

Elaine Kloepfel


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