Dear Editor: Turns out Iran did shoot down the passenger jet by mistake; it was clearly an accident. What possible motive could Tehran have in deliberately shooting down an international jetliner with hundreds of innocent civilians on board? They would know it would bring nothing but world condemnation down on their heads.

They're already desperate to escape Washington's unilateral — therefore illegal — economic sanctions. Doing something as foolhardy and heinous as downing a civilian passenger jet would only ramp them up more, with the world community even more censorious over a supposed malevolent Iran.

Iran's been a peace and justice champion for decades, wanting nothing more but to be left alone to conduct reciprocal business relations with the rest of the globe and to have the illegal sanctions lifted off its back. The only faction that's constantly vilifying Tehran is the hegemonic pro-Israel warmongers and a Washington they lead around by the nose when it comes to Middle Eastern policy.

The fact that the downing of the commercial jet was an accidental mishap doesn't much change things. Bottom line: if the Washington-Israeli empire wasn't waging a relentless war by other means against the peaceful Iranian nation, high tension would not exist and those 160 civilians would still be alive.

Hopefully the Dr. Strangeloves in Washington now understand that a state of constant hostility between Russia and the U.S. is a recipe for a possible similar disaster, but only this time it would be played out with nuclear weapons.

Drew Hunkins


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