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David Williams: We need to build an intergenerational class coalition

David Williams: We need to build an intergenerational class coalition

Dear Editor: In response to Paul Fanlund's column on the arguments about whether or not "baby boomers are the worst generation," the whole framing of the question is simplistic and only serves the agenda of the political right.

The '60s generation of white, Black, brown, Asian and Native American activists were centrally important in the advances of the civil rights movement, the second wave of feminism and the rebirth of the American environmental movement. They were most notably in the forefront of the ultimately successful opposition to the genocidal Vietnam War. If from the 1970s on, good-paying union jobs disappeared from America, Medicare For All was blocked, publicly-funded higher education was whittled away and general austerity was imposed on working people and the poor, it was not due to the alleged greed of boomers collectively, but to the political domination and greed of the super-rich 1% corporate ruling class which benefits hugely from shifting the blame elsewhere.

Many boomers have continued to wage decades-long struggles for economic, social and environmental justice (and against militarism) up to the present. Instead of buying into such a silly and reactionary divide-and-conquer discourse, we ALL need to get busy building an intergenerational class coalition to mount mass actions to confront these interrelated social ills. As a Gray Panther activist, I look forward to talking with younger people on how to most expeditiously advance this revolutionary project.

David Williams


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