Dear Editor: “I am at a loss for words.” A familiar saying in our English lexicon. In this case it is our current and exacerbated proclivity toward violence. Daily my newspaper, radio, TV, internet, news reports, etc. report on the increased violence nationwide. Some is related to drugs/alcohol, to outright hatred, to thievery and on and on. If I was to pinpoint one major change nationally that contributes to this change, it comes from the top: the White House.

Never in the history our country have we seen such an effort, a ploy to cause the need for someone to “save” us. In that I mean to say that the one who perpetrates these actions is also the one saying, "I can protect you and fix it." This strategy or maneuver put forth by Trump has surfaced in our history time and again.

We only occupy this earth for a short while. It is better, I believe, to make positive and noteworthy contributions than to simply amass fortunes and power and lord over others at the expense of yet others. I write this on Election Day and await the outcome of the midterms.

Where will America go? Democracy or oligarchy? Time will tell.

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David Wandel


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