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David Blaska: Cap Times gives cover to Progressive Dane-affiliated alders' behavior

David Blaska: Cap Times gives cover to Progressive Dane-affiliated alders' behavior

Dear Editor: Only The Capital Times would publish Sharon Kilfoy’s letter naming (without evidence) an alder who, she would like to believe, uttered the misogynistic C-word during a marathon Common Council meeting. His voice, she writes, is “unmistakable.”

Except that the voice, as recorded, is almost unintelligible. Many more of us have heard the alder’s real voice. What’s more, we know the person. The alder she names eschews profanity — publicly and in private conversation.

Kilfoy is a well-known cop basher accusing a stalwart defender of Madison police. More curiously, who first named the alder as the C-word culprit but that alder’s challenger in next April’s election! If you can’t beat him on the issues… Democratic party operative Douglas Hyant fed Progressive Dane Ald. Rebecca Kemble and your reporter his supposition within minutes of the alleged utterance in the wee hours of Sept. 2. As if a Zoom meeting cannot be hacked.

The Capital Times demands the council call out “the culprit in its midst” — with forensic analysis, if necessary. Although conducted by an admitted amateur, a match-up of the C-word as recorded by Hyant and benign hard C-words actually uttered on camera by the named alder in previous meetings did not match, sophisticated computer audio programs determined.

More distressing is The Capital Times’ cover-up of its stablemates at Progressive Dane. Ald. Max Prestigiacomo encouraged citizens on his Facebook page to “F--- S--- up” during a scheduled protest that declared “No Bad Protesters; No Good Cops.”

Kemble, also of Progressive Dane, uttered profane comments on the council floor. Ald. Sheri Carter, the first Black council president, has called out both culprits in the council’s midst.

The Capital Times called out neither.

David Blaska


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