Dear Editor: Trump’s attempt to try to buy the loyalty of farmers won’t help family farmers. It will only put a 2 percent dent into the problem. The problem is that big agribusiness corporations are getting super rich at the expense of family farmers. They and corporate farmers control the markets. Corporate farms overproduce, therefore driving prices down, but they still make a profit, while family farmers go further and further into debt.

We need a major agricultural reform. If not, there won’t be any family farmers left and we will be paying much more for food. We must work with Canada concerning this agricultural reform because we basically have one agricultural economy, just as we have one basic general economy.

My family owns two family farms. This includes a 180 acre farm north of Brodhead that we rent out and a wheat farm in southwest Saskatchewan that we run in partnership with a neighboring farm for 55 years. The farm north of Brodhead has been in the family since 1865 when it was purchased by my great, great, great-grandfather, a Scottish immigrant, when he came home from serving in the Union Army in the Civil War. The land had never been farmed before the purchase. The wheat farm in Saskatchewan was homesteaded by my great, great-grandparents around the turn of the 20th century.

Dave Searles

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