Dear Editor: I strongly support the 115th Fighter Wing getting the F-35. I live within the flight path and each time these planes take off or land, I watch in awe and salute the brave men and women that put their lives at risk to defend our freedom. As the saying goes, jet noise is the sound of freedom! The fighter wing also provides support in time of natural disasters within the state and across the nation. Just this summer, the men and women provided clean-up support in northern Wisconsin after the tornadoes made many roads impassable. Did you help? Without the fighter wing, our communities and state would lose the support the men and women provide. The sacrifices these men and women make to support our state and nation often go unnoticed by most people.

The economic impact the fighter wing puts into Wisconsin economy is around $100 million each year, and to lose this would be felt in not just Dane County but many counties around Wisconsin. These people live and shop in our local communities and are great citizens. We need them as a vital part of our communities.

The 115th Fighter Wing has a proud tradition of striving to be the best! I strongly support the bed down of the F-35 at the 115 Fighter Wing!

Dave McLean


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