Dear Editor: As a follower of Christ, as a professional gospel singer, and as a bisexual, I cannot "condone" the hateful "lifestyle" as "flaunted and shoved down our throats daily" by the likes of Rep. Scott Allen. As a self-professed GOP "child of God," Allen himself "shoves into our faces his own divisive nature" of the state having anything to do with marriage. If the state were not invested so much in marriage, and folks could have their own marriage ritual or not, in other words free love, there would be no need for marriage licenses and no expensive attorneys and court time and costs to litigate divisive divorces. Allen and those of the religious right would also have no need to their own "radical demands for special rights" to "Make AmeriKKKa Hate Again!"

I deliberately misspell America to illustrate my point, and I will do so until the day comes that those on the right stop misusing religion to demonize those of us in the lgbtqqbdsma community. If Allen is so opposed to our "lifestyle" and cannot "condone" it then I say, who made you judge to "condone" or not? Sir, don't have a gay marriage if you are against it, but keep the state out of the big-money marriage and divorce racket that you seem to support. The greatest threat to family life is not a Pride flag over the Capitol. Your laws supporting no-fault divorce are the greatest of threats to family life.

Darren J. Foster


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