Dear Editor: Like the majority of voters within Wisconsin, I too am delighted we have a new governor. But, to be sure, Scott Walker isn’t finished with us yet. As I write this he is crafting schemes to retain power — he is not an honorable man.

My perspective comes from reading "Matrix of Deceit" by Richard Charnin, an election statistician who proved Walker’s previous victories were the result of vote tampering. The mathematical evidence is irrefutable, as he replicates methodology used by our federal government to monitor elections of other countries. People working for the GOP flip a percentage of votes when received at tabulation. According to Charnin, the Democratic presidential candidate has beaten the Republican opponent by 10 percent since the late 1980s, based upon exit polls. Yet the vote count is always closer, which in "the science of big numbers" is impossible. Based upon Charnin’s lengthy list of qualifications and his sound analysis, I suspect Tony Evers beat Walker by a very significant margin, though due to GOP dirty tricks of "vote flipping" appears much closer.

So, yes, let us rejoice at this time but, we must remain vigilant. For as we have learned, our democracy is fragile and cannot be taken for granted.

Daniel Murphy

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