Dear Editor: America’s independence is celebrated every Fourth of July. Through the decades, patriots have suffered and died for American values. Thankfully, some heroes survived great danger and continued to lead our county.

John McCain was such a man. John McCain earned the legacy of a patriot. His character and values shown brightly when he suffered torture in the “Hanoi Hilton.” His strong faith helped him serve our nation until his death.

Celebrate this Fourth by reading John McCain’s book, “Faith of My Fathers.” Reflect on your values and on the faith of great men and women who sacrificed with grace and dignity to make our nation a leader of the free world.

I believe a draft dodger is unworthy to stand near the flag. The height of hypocrisy is for that individual to hug the flag. Such a weak and openly dishonest individual will never erase the good name and valiance of John McCain.

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Daniel Holzman


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