Dear Editor: As the final hearings about the Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission project near, I wanted to share both my concern and disgust that this proposal is being considered. Let’s set aside for a moment the fact that this line is unnecessary.

Climate change is turning our weather deadly. We’re in the middle of a human-caused mass species extinction wherein the last 44 years, we’ve killed off 60 percent of the planet’s wildlife. Deforestation is occurring at the rate of 18.7 million acres a year — trees that could have been removing carbon from the atmosphere. There’s plenty more, but basically we have about 10 years to change the way we power our lives, or we’ll be facing planetary conditions that are downright hostile to life.

I live in the Driftless area. It's a beautiful ecosystem, fragile and unique. To allow ATC to slap its 150-foot voltage towers across it would not only be immoral, it would be the same kind of myopic foolishness that brought us climate change. We can do better. We need clean, locally sourced energy that’s in the hands of people who actually live here and care about this place, not mega-corporations looking for another cash cow.

Dana Renor

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