Dear Editor: In Paul Fanlund's recent column chastising the "far left," he fails inexplicably to mention the GOP’s transformation to a hideous cult. Not once does Fanlund acknowledge the unpatriotic, outright sinister collective that has zero regard for representative government. Democrats would have majority control in this country if not for gerrymandering and outright theft of elections by Republicans. Apparently Mr. Fanlund is copacetic with critical agencies taken over by runaway capitalistic greed as in the FDA, CDC and USDA to mention a few. I am incredulous as Fanlund allows himself to present as obtuse, by shocking omissions on such glaring corruption from the GOP. At this place in our history, when we are at risk of losing our republic to insidious, deliberate machination, Fanlund is without a spine. He is unwilling to use his pulpit to give recognition to very informed Americans seething at what this country is becoming. His words are not journalistic but more "center-driven propaganda," created to ensure "things stay the same." Well, here’s the thing, Mr. Fanlund: more of the same guarantees destruction of this country, and your addiction for denial only feeds the beast. So the author is blaming the lefties for their crazy aspirations and divisiveness. Here’s a solution: stop writing about a topic you have no stomach for nor comprehend. Set yourself up with a cute little recipe column and maybe you’ll find peace. Whatever you do — please stay out of the way; you’re not useful.

Dan Murphy


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