Dear Editor: I recenlty read a column by Paul Fanlund, "Deciphering the GOP code." He mentions Trump bragging about the GOP tax plan and how it will help "hardworking Americans."

It got me wondering: What is hard work? Growing up on a farm during the Depression in the early 1930s, I can relate to "hard" work. Is that the kind of work he is talking about?

I think there is a difference between hardworking and hard work. Will the new code help those struggling on minimum wages trying to make ends meet? Are they hardworking? It appears that the millionaires will do just fine. Is that because they are hardworking Americans? What about the retired people in the country now facing possible Medicare and Social Security cuts that Paul Ryan wants. Does that mean that if they are retired they are not hardworking Americans any more?

Cliff Voegeli

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