Dear Editor: I just read Dave Zweifel's piece on the calumny and cowardice of Ron Johnson. His disgust is misplaced. The common denominator for Johnson and McCarthy is not so much their craven disregard for the rule of law and disgraceful treatment of their fellow citizens, it is the Wisconsin electorate that sent both of these disgraceful representatives to the United States Senate. Their views and actions are not an anomaly that distinguishes them from ordinary Wisconsinite feelings. Their attitudes and expressions of support for criminality at the highest level are an exact reflection of the hardening attitudes of the people who put them in office.

Citizens of this state who regard anyone different from them as not just the enemy but clear indices of the erosion of "American exceptionalism." Johnson's xenophobia is just a symptom of the corrosive cancer of hate spread by the Republican party at the behest of people like the Koch brothers who have figured out that if you can keep the working people tearing at each other's throats they will be too distracted to notice that the real oligarchy is looting the treasury.

Wisconsin was once the home of progressive thinking and decency in politics. I fear that Johnson, like McCarthy before him, is the truer reflection of who Wisconsin citizens are in their hearts.

Chris Gargan


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