Dear Editor: I hope the rest of Wisconsin see our pro-life Republicans as they really are — just merchants of a slow death, under the thumbs of big money contributors. I feel really comfortable now sharing this opinion, as I look at every current effort made to help citizens stay alive and healthy being thwarted by this governing majority.

Look at sensible gun control ideas — not even a discussion. The big picture issue, climate change — just fake news, they ignore science. Groundwater pollution, not a problem to them, since it will affect their farming contributors. Women's health, they cripple proven resources like Planned Parenthood that helps save lives of woman with health issues. Health insurance is a primary target every chance they get. To them health care is an option only for those with money to spare. They will not allow negotiating with drug companies, something that is standard practice in the rest of the world. Now kids and adults have to ration their insulin as manufacturers gouge the market.

Face it: their focus is not on our long-term survival — so vote them out.

Charles Lanius


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