Dear Editor: In 2015, former Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican Legislature passed legislation to defund state parks. From that point, on the state parks were supposed to totally finance themselves with entrance and camping fees. No other state in the nation expects their state parks to survive just on entrance and camping fees. Several other states tried that strategy, and found their parks were falling apart due to lack of maintenance, so they went back to providing supplemental funding.

This is the same administration that was willing to fork over $4 billion to Foxconn to entice the company to Wisconsin. Prior to 2015, state parks received about $5 million a year from the state for maintenance and improvements. If you do the math, you will see that the Foxconn giveaway would allow the state to fund our parks for 800 years.

The Republican administration slashed funding for public education, maintenance of infrastructure and public facilities and protection of clean air and water, and has been fighting in the courts to eliminate health care for low-income citizens.

All of these spending cuts were done to provide massive tax cuts for the super-rich and wealthy corporations. If you are voting Republican, you evidently believe that turning millionaires into multimillionaires and billionaires into multibillionaires is more important than taking care of our state parks, providing quality public education for our children, maintaining our roads, protecting our air and water and providing health care for those who currently cannot afford it.

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Charles Frisk

Green Bay

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