Dear Editor: Mostly, I agree with Greta Thunberg. (If you haven’t heard of her, ask know-it-all Mr. Google.) She doesn’t beat around the bush, and she hits nails right on the head. We needed a child to point out the Emperor’s lack of clothes. But she got one thing wrong. She claims we "haven’t done anything." Well, she’s right that we haven’t done nearly enough. And we need to do much more of it, much faster, with no more delays or arguments, if we’re going to beat the clock. But an extraordinary amount of progress has been made in the past 10 years — just look at the plummeted price of solar panels, the increased efficiency in wind turbines, the improvements in modern batteries and the new electric cars which drive better than gasoline cars. If you don’t keep up with the good news every week, you’ll fall behind, because extraordinary things are happening right and left. In Iceland scientists are turning carbon dioxide into rock, Kenya just opened the biggest wind farm in Africa, an all-electric plane called the e-Genius has already flown over the Alps, Madison already turns cow manure into biofuel. Get out your pom-poms! Cheer these people on. Then turn to your business, or your city, your state, or your national representatives, and say, “Hey, we could do that too!”

Carol Phelps


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