Dear Editor: My disgust and disdain for Wisconsin Republicans grows with every newscast.

Last November I was doing some volunteer work in an eastern Wisconsin city. During the time I was there, I happened to be working closely with the Republican mayor of the town for several hours.

While we worked, he related about his past desire to run for the Legislature.

He told me he was invited to Madison to meet with the party leadership to explore the idea of running. He met with Scott Walker, Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald. During the course of the discussion the leadership indicated he would always be expected to vote along party lines. To his credit, he responded he couldn't in good conscience do that because he, or his constituency, doesn't always agree with the party. Their response was, thanks for coming and good luck. Running is impossible without party support.

This tells me that when voters vote for a Republican in their district, they are, in fact voting for Walker, Vos and Fitzgerald. There will be no defections! Agreeing to vote as ordered seems to be a prerequisite for party support.

Howard Marklein ran for the first time on being independent. For being "independent," it's laughable to see how in lockstep his voting record is with the party leadership. Showing just about zero independence.

It defies logic to believe ALL Republicans think the lame-duck legislation, Act 10, voter ID and dumping the GAB were good ideas, let alone all the rest of the nasty legislation that has come from these guys in the last eight years.

This causes me to wonder if upon election as a Republican another requisite is to have their spine removed.

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Bruce McCulloch


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