Dear Editor: In his commentary, “Wisconsin won’t buy what Democrats are selling” in the Jan. 22 issue of the Cap Times, Scott Walker welcomes the flow of money. He likes money. It’s his primary focus apparently. For my part, I also appreciate money. I give close attention to my household’s cash flow and savings.

The flow of money, however, often takes twists and turns that are cruel and short-sighted. Examples include the president withholding funds congress intended for Ukraine’s military defense while asking for “a favor, though,” full-time employees denied a livable wage, insurance coverage denied to people with preexisting conditions, gun producers shielded by congress from product liability, greenhouse gas polluters who receive tax payer subsidies, families prevented by Congress from refinancing student debt, unaffordable housing, extreme income inequality, and wealthy donors who inject dark money into our political process.

In his opinion piece, Scott Walker expresses no appreciation whatsoever for how the flow of money can avoid people who have legitimate needs, or how the flow of money can contribute to pollution, public safety problems, reckless Wall Street speculation and unaccountable political messaging.

For Scott Walker, the flow of money is “perfect” and needs no modification or improvement. I wonder if he is living on a different planet than the average voter. Democratic party candidates are more likely to give attention to twists and turns in the flow of money that affect average voters.

Bruce Beck


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