Dear Editor: For all the patriotic words of elected and appointed officials nowadays, our society continues to slide in the most meaningful ways, including child neglect and mistreatment, public safety, healthcare and the degradation of nature.

The most recent actions of high elected and appointed officials are seriously challenging our democracy. Crucial days lie ahead, not only because key laws have been bent and broken, but because of the disrespect this shows for our form of government.

When campaigning it is especially important for presidential candidates to say whether they intend to operate within the laws of our democracy. Actions speak louder than words. Recent high level actions in the executive branch show disdain for the confines of our democracy. If our current president did not believe in our democracy, then he should have campaigned on it, letting us know the changes he thought were needed.

Our government has always been a democracy and until recently, was the envy of the world. In order for it to be strong and serve the common good, our system of checks and balances must function effectively. Our nation’s well-being and to a substantial degree, the world’s, depend on it.

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Brian Berninger

Sun Prairie

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