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Bob Hyatt: Military planes were here before many moved to nearby neighborhoods

Bob Hyatt: Military planes were here before many moved to nearby neighborhoods

Dear Editor: Regarding Jeff Burkhart's recent letter to the editor: As one who actually enjoys the sounds of aircraft flying overhead and has lived directly under the Truax runway approach several times over 45 years in Madison, I might not be the most sympathetic person to empathize with your discomfort, but I have to wonder why you feel entitled to voice a complaint about the airport noise issue where you live?

Did you not understand that the residence you chose to live in was near the airport? Did you not understand that airports have jet aircraft coming and going at all hours? Did you not understand that Madison has an Air Force Reserve contingent that has fast and loud war planes who train frequently on weekends?

Did you not understand that the price of rent and home ownership in your neighborhood reflects the fact that some folks do not enjoy airport noise and thus will not pay higher prices to live there — which made it inexpensive enough for you to afford to live there?

Certainly you had to know all of those things before you chose to live in that neighborhood — and even if you didn't, there is no law forcing you to continue living there.

If the noise bothers you so much, there is a solution that doesn't inconvenience the city and the massive influx of money that comes from that airport, the Air Force Reserve, and all the visitors it brings to our fair city. Move!

You like the low cost of housing in your neighborhood. You do not like that you can't have an idyllic pastoral space where you've chosen to park yourself and family.

That's life, my friend — a series of choices, and not all of them 100% guaranteed to make you completely happy.

Bob Hyatt


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