Dear Editor: Thank you for the Q&A "Deerfield Pistol and Archery proprietors take measured approach in gun debate." It is nice to hear from gun owners who recognize the importance of firearms training and competence. As Mr. Whiting and Mr. Fankhauser note, Wisconsin's concealed carry requirements are a joke — they require no proof of even basic competence at use of a firearm, much less handling one in public while under extreme stress.

While the NRA essentially advocates "guns for everyone, hand 'em out like candy," your interviewees make clear that interest in firearms doesn't mean suspension of rational thought. We need more people like them — folks who speak from experience and reason, who understand we ought to require more of people who want to carry, who recognize that arming teachers is a terrible idea.

To gun control advocates: These guys are your allies.

Ben Seigel

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