Dear Editor: I am disgusted with our politicians of today. What ever happened to honor, morality, ethics, fairness, and wanting the best for our country? Now it’s just pander to the rich and work to get re-elected. We have a president who causes problems (like the tariffs), “solves” the problems by lowering the tariffs, and saying how wonderful he is to do so. Did any of the senators from his party call him out? No! And our Sen. Johnson is one of the worst. He supports this idiot. Trump has even told other dictators that he wishes he had their power, and he goes against everything our country stands for, and Johnson and his cronies support this. And, worse, the Trump base supports him. What has happened to us?

I wish I could go back to the days when I thought (and was taught) that we were the guys with the white hats, that our politicians were for us, and not just for money and power, that the whole world watched us and envied our democracy. We had many problems, from racism to sexism and more, but we knew these problems were being worked on, for our best interest. And yes, many of the things we were taught were wrong (like Columbus/discovering America and being a hero), but, we had hope! All I see now when I look at the present and the future is the NRA and big corporations owning us, telling our politicians what to do.

Barbara Voyce

Lone Rock

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