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Barb Matz: Your choice to go maskless restricts my freedom

Barb Matz: Your choice to go maskless restricts my freedom

Dear Editor: Not so long ago, cigarette smoking was permitted everywhere, indoors and out. Then it was discovered that the use of toxic chemicals in the cigarette were killing people. Furthermore, secondhand smoke was found to damage, sicken and sometimes kill innocent people near the smoke.

Now most states and businesses alike ban smoking indoors and within 20 feet of a building. We’ve decided, as a collective community, that carelessly exposing others to toxic particles removes their right to breathe freely and live longer.

Yet, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has now stripped its citizens of the right to be protected from COVID-19 particles by removing the mask mandate. How is mask wearing different from banning smoking? Each act protects others from inhaling harmful particles.

As your neighbor from Minnesota, I find this very concerning. Our states are connected. Many people cross the borders daily.

Please, if you think wearing a mask is restricting your freedom, remember: by not wearing one, your act restricts mine.

Barb Matz

Northfield, Minnesota

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