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Dave Gorak: 'Chain migration' policy irresponsible and dangerous

Dave Gorak: 'Chain migration' policy irresponsible and dangerous

Dear Editor: In his Dec. 22 column, Paul Fanlund incorrectly says the recently attempted suicide bombing in New York City's subway system is not related to the current debate on immigration reform. The would-be bomber in fact entered this country on a visa that is part of our irresponsible and dangerous "chain migration" policy that President Trump wants to end. Chain migration goes well beyond the nuclear family, i.e. parents and their minor children. It also is the reason that since 2015 immigration has accounted for nearly 90 percent of our population growth that is projected to last through 2065 at our current levels, according to Pew Hispanic Center.

A better understanding of how chain migration works can be seen in this recent TV ad from NumbersUSA, the Arlington, VA-based immigration-reduction group.

In a recent report from the Center for Immigration Studies, "Studies have found that recent new immigrants brought an average of 3.45 additional relatives to the United States, which is more than 30 percent higher than the chain migration rate of the early 1980s. The top four sending countries for immigrants overall had chain migration multipliers well above the average. Each new immigrant from Mexico eventually sponsored 6.38 relatives; China, 6.24; India, 5.11; Philippines, 5.07."

Advocates of chain migration argue that ending this foolish practice would be "cruel," but it should be remembered that Americans, not immigrants, are supposed to be the primary beneficiaries of whatever immigration policy we decide upon. This fits the definition of a "credible" immigration policy like that envisioned by the late civil rights icon Barbara Jordan, who chaired President Clinton's U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform. Had Mr. Clinton not broken his promise to fully support his own commission's recommendations, today's federally created immigration crisis in all likelihood would not have developed.

Dave Gorak

La Valle

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