Arthur Naebig: Lie to your children to prepare them for the real world

Arthur Naebig: Lie to your children to prepare them for the real world

Dear Editor: Animals prepare their offspring to live in their world and we need to prepare our children for the world they will live in. We need to lie to them frequently. Tell small, innocuous lies often that can easily be detected. Tell the kids it will rain gumdrops tomorrow. Tell them that this area is so peaceful that deer sleep by the side of the road. Tell them that Superman was seen at the supermarket. Do this with a straight face. Congratulate them when they detect the lie.

Children are hard-wired to believe just about anything their parents tell them and that carries over to any adult unless they are taught to question everything they are told. Some folks expect schools to teach critical thinking but that isn’t working because students who think critically are a real pain for most teachers. They make a teacher’s job more difficult.

We need to prepare our children for phony facts found online, in print and on TV every day. A well dressed newscaster on a legitimate TV channel isn’t necessarily telling the truth. Check that forward sent by Uncle Phil before you just send it off to your whole email list, unchecked. Our younger generation needs to be taught to never take any information at face value. We need to raise a generation of Doubting Thomases. Lie to your kids frequently to prepare them for the real world.

Arthur Naebig

La Valle

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