Dear Editor: I am Annabelle Chidester Trees Wright. I grew up in Madison. Frank Lloyd Wright, through his sister Jane Porter and brother-in-law Andrew Porter, has been a part of my life since I was a little girl. My dad, Gardner Chidester, was head of the pulp and paper division at Forest Products Lab.

I have lived in the D.C. area since the late '50s. My parents were close friends of the Porters. We visited Tan-A-Dari often. We also stayed in the cottage where I read the bodies were dragged after the murder. Mrs. Porter would always tell me about the “crazy servant” and the murders of the woman and her children! I remember looking down the hill at Taliesin . It was spectacular even for a young kid.

One day Mrs. Porter asked me to go to Taliesin to get something. I ran down the hill to the door. I was greeted by quite a few peacocks! I remember how spectacular the house was.

So many stories. So much inspiration.

I am glad Madison and the world recognizes this genius Frank Lloyd Wright. Madison is an amazing city!

Oh yes, I married a guy named Wright! He passed away early this year and is buried at Arlington Cemetery.

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Annabelle Chidester Trees Wright

Arlington, Virginia

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