Dear Editors: Students named the lunch program, "The Jesus Lunch."

The “founding” moms thought they should call it something else. I used my constitutional right of “freedom of speech," and strongly urged them to keep the name of Jesus, the name above all names. Allah lunches, Buddha lunches, Confucius lunches, or even Aaron Rodgers lunches — would lunch by these names be threatened to be stopped? Would you want freedom of the press to end? Freedom of expression to end? Freedom to vote for the candidate YOU choose to end? These lunches started because my friend, Melissa Helbach, would bring her sons some submarine sandwiches to school. Other students noticed her love language to her sons, and asked if they could please have some lunches as well? That is how the Jesus lunch started. We live in a broken and hurting world. These kids need hope and unconditional love. If a free lunch once a week can do that, why should it be stopped? These lunches help the kids to have an eternal perspective. A gunman could show up in their classroom or while they’re at a concert or even just outside playing softball. What if heaven is for real? Or what if hell is for real? None of us have a promise for tomorrow. Math, science, sports and the arts do NOT bring bright hope for tomorrow. The truth is there is no new truth. Truth is truth. Eternity is in the heart of all of us. Why is that? If my ancestors the apes put it there or a BIG BANG — the only real big bangs I know of usually end in death. Tupac, who rapped about how we need to change, was shot to death by a Big Bang. Amen.

Anita Weil


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