Dear Editor: I believe that our local education system is corrupt. Students have to dread and gain anxiety about seeing their school schedule for the next year, worried that they may not know anyone in their class and might dislike or not trust their teacher. Is that what school is about though? With education being so important I believe strongly that students should have a huge say in who teaches them and who they learn with. It’s not just my point of view but many others, as the day after schedules come out for the upcoming school year, social media begins to flood with screenshots of scheduled captioned, “Classes together?" This whole idea adds another level of stress on students and with a huge importance of social interactions in school, why limit us students from reaching our full potential because of a pointless idea of classes and teachers being randomized? states that most students feel that teachers in the early stages of their teaching don’t have the same teaching strategies and patience that teachers in the late stages of their career do. If education shapes our future then why shouldn’t we be able to choose the teacher that we believe has a teaching style that better suits us? The idea of being able to choose peers and teachers who will be with you along with your education journey and who will later shape your future is a prime example of change that our education system vitally needs.

Adam Zell

Cottage Grove

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