Adam Brabender: Medicaid should cover dental implants

Adam Brabender: Medicaid should cover dental implants

Dear Editor: Without sounding mean spirited. I am grateful for being on Medicaid and Medicare. However, with that being said I think its a sad fact Medicaid or dental insurances will not pay for dental implants. Unless it's a life threatening emergency, Medicaid will only pay for dentures. Some people would say it's not needed, because it's considered cosmetic surgery. Well, I happen to disagree with people. My question to people: what about people who have severe gag reflex and can't handle dentures? I wish had the statistics to how many people here in Wisconsin have severe gag reflex. Right now, I will have to come up with a total of $30,000 to get my teeth fixed. I am on SSDI and work very little. There is no way I can pay for it myself.

Medicare does not even cover the basics such as eyes, ears and teeth. My question is, when will we talk about all facets of health care? Not just the physical health, but all around health. The time is now, not later. It is time we rise up and request our state Legislatures and the U.S. Congress to talk about all aspects of health care. I or other people should not have to pay a lot of money for dental services. No wonder people go into debt for necessary procedures. The system needs fixing and again I am sorry if I sound frustrated. Something must give to help the betterment of society.

Adam Brabender


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