Tammy Baldwin in Prairie du Sac

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin visited with constituents July 5 at the Blue Spoon in Prairie du Sac. PHOTO BY AUTUMN LUEDKE/SAUK PRAIRIE EAGLE

State Sen. Leah Vukmir is all wet when she claims that U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin will be directly contradicting the will of the people when she votes against the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

When people in Wisconsin voted for President Trump, Vukmir claims, they knew Trump would choose "judges who would uphold the Constitution" (those are code words for "take very conservative positions"). It may be true that Trump's voters expect him to appoint such judges, but it is also true that even though Trump won Wisconsin's electoral votes, he did not come anywhere near getting a majority of the votes of Wisconsinites. Trump won 47.22 percent of the vote and beat Hillary Clinton in our state by a razor-thin margin — if 11,375 out of 2,976,150 voters had picked Clinton instead of Trump, she would have won. Having captured Wisconsin's electoral votes with well under 50 percent of the ballots cast, Trump did not get a mandate from our state.

Furthermore, there is good reason to speculate that a chunk of Trump voters might want to reconsider how they voted. Fresh evidence of that came in the July 18 Marquette Law School poll: 50 percent of Wisconsinites disapproved of the president while his approval rating stood at 42 percent. That's obviously less than the 47 percent who voted for him — another indication that opposing his court nominee is not contradicting the will of the people.

During the campaign, Trump made it clear that he would nominate people who would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade if they were appointed to the high court. Kavanaugh will no doubt be asked during his nomination hearing whether he supports overturning the ruling that made abortion legal in the United States, and he will no doubt decline to answer the question. So senators will be left to vote on the nomination without getting a straight answer from the nominee, but it is a reasonable assumption that he would vote to overturn the abortion ruling. On this specific issue — one of the hot button issues surrounding Kavanaugh's nomination — contrary to contradicting the will of the people, Baldwin will be clearly supporting it by opposing the nominee. The Marquette poll found that 63 percent of Wisconsinites want abortion to be legal in all or most cases, while just 29 percent want it to be illegal in all or most cases.

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Vukmir can certainly argue that "Kavanaugh is an extremely well-qualified nominee who deserves our support” (we don't agree), but she needs to think again before she claims that Baldwin is contradicting the will of the people. From where we stand, it appears Baldwin is in touch with Wisconsin voters when she opposes Trump's pick.

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