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Gov. Scott Walker

Wisconsin is working!

More people are working in Wisconsin this year than ever before and our unemployment rate — for the first time in history — has been at or below 3 percent for seven months in a row. We balanced our budget while investing more actual dollars into schools than ever before, while still reducing the tax burden on working families, senior citizens, small businesses and family farmers by more than $8 billion through the end of this budget. Our health care systems are ranked No. 1 in the nation for quality. And we helped more than 25,000 people transition from welfare into the workforce.

We are moving Wisconsin forward.

Now, we have a plan for the next four years that will help keep Wisconsin working for generations to come.

We want to expand youth apprenticeship programming to students in seventh and eighth grades to prepare them for success. This will help ensure that every student graduates from high school with a career plan.

To reduce student loan debt and to help keep our graduates here, we propose a tax credit of up to $5,000 over five years for college graduates who live and work in Wisconsin. Plus, we will continue to freeze UW tuition for four more years.

In the past, too many of our seniors faced a financial crunch with high property taxes, high prescription drug costs and high health care costs. That is why we will also provide a tax credit to help senior citizens stay in their homes.

Finally, we will provide a tax credit for working families to reduce a barrier to enter the workforce and ease the burden of child care costs. We will also seek to continue the Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday.

We want to ensure that everyone who is able to work can find a job. That means requiring all able-bodied adults to be employed and able to pass a drug test to get public assistance.

We want Wisconsin to lead the way in lowering the overall tax burden for families and for seniors.

We want Wisconsin to continue to have the best health care in the nation for quality. We want to lower premiums and increase choices. We want to cover pre-existing conditions so people with cancer and other serious diseases have coverage. Plus, we want to ensure that BadgerCare is around to provide relief to seniors for prescription drugs.

And we want to have the largest drop in opioid and other illegal drug addictions of any state.

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This is how we will keep Wisconsin working for generations to come.

Looking ahead, I know our positive vision for the future will keep Wisconsin on the right path. My opponent is focused on taking Wisconsin back to the failed policies of the past and protecting the big government unions. My focus is simple: Matt and Alex. They are my sons and I think about them and their generation often.

You see, for Tonette and me, our American dream is not owning a house or starting a company — our American dream is that our children will grow up, graduate and find a meaningful career that is relatively close to home.

Both of our sons went to school here and both left to work somewhere else for a while. I am proud to report that now both live and work here in Wisconsin. That is our dream: that our children (and someday grandchildren) will be happy and close to home.

With your support, we will help more and more families live that dream right here in our state. This is how we will keep Wisconsin working for generations to come.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker is a candidate for re-election.

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